STOTT Pilates Workshops in Berlin

Every year each every certified STOTT Pilates Instructor must attend minimum 6 hours of Pilates workshops to meet her Continuing Professional Education requirements. On 21 July 2017 the following STOTT workshops took place at Pilates Studio Berlin:

Jedes Jahr mussen STOTT Pilates Instructors die mindestens 6 Stunden der STOTT Pilates Workshops als berufliche Fortbildung besuchen. Am 21.07.2017 haben die folgenden Workshops in Berlin (Pilates Studio Berlin) stattgefunden:


Real men do Pilates (en)

Pilates is not an exercise that women do because they like to stretch

The Pilates method was invented by a man, on a man’s body. At various times in his life, Joseph Pilates was a gymnast, diver, body-builder, circus-performer, professional boxer, and self-defence trainer. He developed his method, originally called Contrology, when he worked with injured soldiers helping them to recover and rehabilitate from injuries using his exercises.

men pilates