workshop: pilates for back health

Pilates for Back Health WORKSHOP

You may be a very active, athletic person and suffer from back problems.

You may do very little exercise but suffer from back pain after seating in front of a computer for hours at a time.

HELP is available! There are principles and exercises that help build strength in the muscles that support your back and release tension and improve mobility in areas that aggravate your back problems. We will learn them in our workshop.

What you will learn:

Essential muscles for the back health

Essential exercises to strengthen these muscles

Essential stretches for improving mobility that is necessary for the back health

In addition:

You will get a copy of handouts

You will get hands-on corrections in your exercises from the instructor – something not available from an online course

In a small group of 4 (four)

Who this workshop is appropriate for:

Anyone who has ever had back pain in the past; anyone who what to learn how to prevent back pain

And inappropriate:

If have acute back pain right now – you need medical attention!

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Pilates Trainer and Manager of Core Pilates Studio in Vienna, Austria. Pilatestrainerin und Geschäftsführerin des Core Pilates Studios in Wien, Österreich.