Nothing is more effective than this: Pilates on equipment

With all their ropes and springs the Pilates machines can look somewhat scary. But only at the first glance. When you get on the Reformer for the first time, when you make friends with it, you realise how much it can teach you and your body – and how much more effective your training sessions become.

The Pilates training on large equipment is more efficient because the equipment guides the movements, ensures correct body alignment, supports you where the support is needed and can make exercises more or less intensive or challenging.

In other words, it supports your learning process.

Pilates teacher training vienna
Pilates on Reformer

By varying positions of the body, the angle of the resistance, the intensity of force the person on the equipment can target specific muscles and muscle groups, correct specific movement patterns, muscle imbalances and postural faults. You take those newly learnt alignment tips and better movement habits learnt in the training session into the functional daily life. 

For me the most magical feature of the Pilates equipment are the springs. The special steel springs generate resistance and provide guidance, making you experience a surprisingly different quality of movement to that on a conventional exercise equipment or with free weights. It is one of those things that must be experienced to be understood 😀

At Core Pilates Wien we offer Group Pilates classes on equipment, making this kind of training accessible to many while keeping the size of the groups small (4) and ensuring individual approach to every participant.

“I feel so good and strong after the training. Nothing is more effective than this!”

Veröffentlicht von Olga

Pilates Trainer and Manager of Core Pilates Studio in Vienna, Austria. Pilatestrainerin und Geschäftsführerin des Core Pilates Studios in Wien, Österreich.