STOTT PILATES® Instructor Training

REFORMER Instructor Training in ENGLISH in vienna in early 2022

pilates teacher training vienna

Why take a Pilates teacher training course?

  • You have taken Pilates classes and want to go deeper into principles and mechanics of the exercises and to expand your repertoire
  • You want to know more about: anatomy, exercise and movement principles, the role of mindfulness and breathing in exercise
  • You want to learn to prevent and help to rehabilitate injuries
  • You already teach fitness and exercise and want to get a Pilates trainer certification from an internationally recognized and known Pilates institution
  • You want to start teaching exercise and movement and get a new source of income


STOTT PILATES is a contemporary approach to the original Classical Pilates method based on modern principles of exercise science and rehabilitation that is recognized worldwide as the ‘Ivy League’ of Pilates education.

Why choose STOTT PILATES® Instructor training?

STOTT PILATES method is highly regarded for its anatomical and intelligent approach. You will learn why you do the exercise not just how to do it.  You will learn how to modify exercises and design exercise programs for individuals to help them create better movement patterns and to progress to the next level.

STOTT PILATES Instructors are highly sought after.

Pilates teacher training vienna

What makes STOTT PILATES teaching method different from other world-class Pilates education?

Serves Every Client Base:

STOTT PILATES provides different levels of exercise — essential, intermediate and advanced — to meet the exercise needs of all clients, from post-rehab to elite athlete. Students learn modifications to progress and regress clients according to their fitness goals.

 Modular Training and Certification:

Students can take courses à la carte or all at once, and can certify in Mat, or Reformer, or complete Full Certification.

 Exceptional Course Material

STOTT PILATES has been meticulously crafted based on the very latest in biomechanical research and cutting-edge thinking on health and fitness.


STOTT PILATES is recognized all over the world, by: The Register of Exercise Professionals, the American Council on Exercise and canfitpro. STOTT PILATES® is a founding sponsor of the Pilates Method Alliance.

 Training Around the World

STOTT PILATES has over 100 training centers around the world, teaching in local languages or English. You can keep expanding your educational curriculum within STOTT PILATES® family wherever you are in the world.

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