Cadillac: designed for maximum performance (En)

It has been said that Joe Pilates’ Cadillac apparatus received its name from a mid-century General Motors’ Cadillac advertisement which declared the car to be “the best of its kind.”

The Cadillac, or Trapeze Table, looks like a table or a bed with a metal frame, to which various sorts of springs, bars and handles are attached. The Cadillac is used for a wide variety of stretching and strengthening exercises. This ultra-sturdy, versatile apparatus adds more than 200 exercises to the Pilates studio repertoire and challenge clients in different planes of motion, offering an extensive range of applications for everyone from post-rehab clients to athletes.

long reverse pull up on Cadillac

Thanks to its stable construction, it remains as solid and stable as a rock during execution of both simplified and highly complex acrobatic moves.  The springs of different lengths and strength (Arms Springs and Leg Springs) with moveable points of attachment allow for varying the degree of resistance and angle of the force acting on muscles and thus to adjust the resistance to the exact needs of each client.

The Cadillac was designed for maximum performance: go steady and firm in your acrobatic moves 😊

We are proud to offer group classes on the V2Max Reformer for the first time in Vienna. This equipment allows to perform the majority of the Cadillac exercises, which you can perform in our Group Classes (“Reformer + Tower”).