We don’t ask you to sign up for a course (en)

We don’t ask you to sign up for a seasonal course with a fixed weekly schedule. You don’t have to commit to come to the same class on the same day and time every week. You are free to book online any group class that is within your level (or an “All levels” class). We love flexibility and want to you to enjoy it too. And we offer a large choice of group classes and times every week.

We know that you have your best intentions to improve health and fitness when you sign up for a season-long course that starts in the new year or after a long summer break. But then life happens, and you miss some classes. You still feel good about yourself because by registering and paying for a season-long course you invested in your fitness. But what you invested is money only; and getting fit also requires the investment of time and energy. The missed classes that you paid for do nothing for your health and fitness.

With us you only book and pay for the classes which you want and can attend, and which fit into your own schedule.