How to make the most out of your group Pilates class (en)

Each of our bodies are uniquely shaped by everyday activities, from how we sleep at night and how we exercised (or didn’t) when we were a twelve-year old kid to that injury we got in our late twenty’s and how we train for that triathlon today.

Private Pilates training applies the intelligent consciousness of Pilates movement to your unique body. However, not all of us have the time and resources for a one-on-one Pilates lesson – and with small group size classes it is still possible to pay individual attention to each participant while not disturbing the class flow.

Here are some tips for making the most out of the Group Pilates training:

  • SPEAK UP before the start of the class if you have injuries or special conditions – the instructor will suggest modification to exercises to make them safe and more effective for you.
  • LISTEN to the verbal guidance from the instructor, and try not to blindly imitate what she is doing. A lot of Pilates exercise work you from “inside out” and work the muscles you cannot see, only feel – so it is very difficult to understand how the exercise work your body out if you only see how it looks like on someone else.
  • ASK questions if something is not clear – one of the principles of Pilates is ‘precision’ and when it is lost a lot of the beneficial impact of the exercise is lost.
  • FOLLOW YOUR OWN BREATH under the instructor’s guidance: she will explain which move should be done on exhalation, which one on inhalation, but everyone’s breathing rhythm is different, so just follow your own and not your neighbour’s.
  • MIND YOUR LEVEL of ability: instead of booking a class which is convenient in terms of time, book a class which is at your level of ability. Beginners classes have slower pace and go into details much more than Advanced classes.
  • BE REGULAR. Expect results only when you put some consistent effort into getting them. Joseph Pilates advocated doing his workout about 3 times a week. “You’ll feel better after 10 sessions, look better after 20, and have a whole new body after 30 sessions.” If you attend Pilates classes once a week, you will still see results, however it will take longer.
  • IF YOU PLAN A PREGNANCY and think that Pilates will help you, do not wait until your doctor’s confirmation – start Pilates before you get pregnant. Starting a brand new workout regime is not a good idea when your body is already undergoing a huge transformation.